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Fast Web Hosting in Australia

If you are looking around for fast web hosting solutions in australia and indeed the world. You can consider your options when it comes to fast web hosting and Skybridge Domains. cPanel & IIS Web Hosting is now available with SSD NVme hard drives in the datacentre 2021. Take action now and take us for a test driev, you won't be let down and you will notice that fast web hosting, skybridge domains comes with 5-star reviews and 5-star technical support.

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are powerful web hosting solutions. Dedicated Servers is web hosting although dedicated servers are completely "dedicated" to you and not thousands of other customers thats the case on a shared web hosting service. Shared Web Hosting Online is slowed when thousands of customers join up, not the case with Dedicated Servers. Some Dedicated Servers with other companies are bad because they go down, slow, cumbersome, no technical support. at Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry, we're all about keeping everything online 100% and 100% fully operational. Make sure you consider 100% reliability, contactability, security and redundance, backed up with 100% and guaranteed technical support 24/7 (most providers don't offer this (even though they say they do).

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Web Hosting Shared with cPanel

Fast cPanel Web Hosting Online with cPanel Plans.

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Hosting Features

Domain Registry

Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry is a world-class leader in delivering Domain Names, Shared Web Hosting with cPanel and Microsoft, Dedicated Servers and VoIP Phone Services.

24/7 Support

In the rare event of Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry not working correctly, you can always count on us, 24/7 technical support is at the heart of our business and would not succeed without it. Most companies offer 24/7 but rarely this is true. It is often used as a marketing and selling gimmick but no substance behind the scenes, sometimes, it doesnt actually exist at all and handleded by third parties and provide no technical support at all, let alone 24/7. What would you do if your website went down at 3AM and you had thousands of customers trying to buy your products online in different time zones around the world? You can't contact technical support. Skybridge Domains Service has been a reliable and outstanding to the web hosting industry for more than 10+ years and can support your website and keep a watchful eye over your website to make sure everything stays up and running, quite literally, 24/7.

Software is the latest

Need the latest software on your website? Ioncube, PHP XX, latest cPanel versions, etc? You've come to the right place, rest assured that everything is always stays up to date. Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry checks all software products and services hosted on our systems to ensure all software is up to date frequently. One of Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry main areas of expertise is keeping every piece of software up to date and online 24/7 along with 100% Technical Support.

High Performance

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Multiple Data Centers

Redundancy is just has important to high quality shared web hosting. If your website goes down then it will continue to operate and switch over to Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry dedicated servers. Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry is 100% reliable, trusted and makes sure your website and online services is always operational 24/7. That's Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry absolute guarantee to you as Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry customers. Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry does not just think about it or wish it away when a problem comes up with software updates. Skybridge Domain Registry is highly proactive not reactive. This means we proactively jump on it when you need it the most. It will work. 100% Guaranteed.

Trusted Since the 2000s

Need Assurance? That's fine. Most people are skepical trying new things, especially when it's unknown. The experience Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry will give you when you sign up is ultimately going to be exceptional, reliable, fast, secure and productive shared web hosting, dedicated servers, voip phone services and of course domain names. Since Skybridge Domains, Domain Registries have been around for many years and since the year 2000. You will find Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry Services to be exceptional and world-class, that's the promise to you when you sign up, nothing more, nothing less. The service you sign up for is the service you get. 100% guaranteed.

General Questions

What's the difference between cPanel and Microsoft IIS Web Hosting?

Good Question. Microsoft IIS Web Hosting is based on Microsoft Server so if you know exactly what you are doing with programming ASP.NET ASPX code then Microsoft IIS Web Hosting is for you. You can run HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc on Microsoft Web Hosting so that's no problem. Unless you know your specific requirements for your programming languages and website requirements, e.g. databases then Microsoft IIS Web Hosting SHARED that may no be for you, Microsoft IIS Web Hosting SHARED is reliable, secure and robust but it is very different technology for websites. Almost everyone starts out web hosting with cPanel Linux SHARED Web Hosting Online Plans. You can try either and host one web site on Microsoft IIS Web Hosting and one website on Linux SHARED cPanel Web Hosting. Get Started with the latest web hosting software online.

What is difference for each plan?

Each Web Hosting Online Plan carries different restrictions with its shared web hosting plans. Unlimited means unlimited Emails, Unlimited FTPS, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Diskspace, Secure cPanel or Microsoft IIS Web Hosting ASP.NET solutions. Domain & Registry SHARED Web Hosting

What kind of web hosting do I need?

That depends. If you plan to use Wordpress Woocommerce then you probably should use cPanel based on Linux. It's the defacto standard for shared Web Hosting Online. Wordpress Woocommerce is one of the main standards when providing ecommerce online services to the world through your website products to sell. Everyone needs Wordpress Woocommerce SHARED Web Hosting or a supercharged dedicated server that's always online. If you are just hosting ASPX or know your application needs Microsoft SQL databases and a combination of Microsoft database technologies then Microsoft IIS SHARED or dedicated servers web hosting is for you. Choose carefully when you sign up but either way, your website will work and function great, 100% reliable, secure and guaranteed ot work 24/7.

Why do I need domain name?

Your domain name is required to find you easily on the web. Without a domain name registered through Skybridge Domains, Domain Registry then you'd be just typing in a bunch of seemingly IP address numbers into your web browser. Your domain name is your real estate on the web online and offline. You need a easy, short and memorable domain name so that people can find you and the products, services you sell online through your website.

What my website protected from hackers?

Yes. At the hardware level too but at the software level. Skybridge Domains, SSL Certificates uses highly encrypted SSL Certificates that come with a warranty guarantee Comodo SSL Certificates or now known as Sectigo SSL Certificates, you'll be sure to get the best security, your website will never be hacked.

How do I backup my website?

Full back ups are done at the company or hardware level. Although you should always make sure that your backups are done by you inside your cPanel or Microsoft Web Hosting IIS Account and download them to your computer and offline to your USB drive or google drive, drop box. Full Backups can be used in the event of something going wrong and can be fully restored.

Domain Registry

Easy to register domain names worldwide in seconds.

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